Paving Basics - A Discussion

This course was presented to road supervisors as a guide to the basics of paving a gravel road, it is not meant to qualify a person as a paver. Some techniques may be out of date however paving gravel roads has not changed a lot.
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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Paving - The Basics!

    • Before we begin...
    • Student Book
  • 2


    • Drainage
    • Road Bed Basics
    • Road Structure
    • Considerations for Paving Gravel Roads
    • What is Meant by a Paved Road?
  • 3

    Understanding the Paver

    • Paver Topics
    • Understanding the Paver
    • Responsibilities of HMA Personnel
    • Further Responsibilities of Paver and Other Personnel
    • Lute Person & Paving Operation Checklist
  • 4

    Asphalt Paver

    • Topics
    • Mechanics of an Asphalt Paver
    • Angle of Attack